So many people have inherited or old jewellery that has tons of emotional significance and sentimental value, but which they never wear because it is outdated, broken or just not-their-style. Often these can be family heirlooms, passed down through two or more generations which clients want to use for their engagement rings.

I am always really pleased to be asked to recycle unworn or inherited gems and diamonds. It fulfils criteria for ethics and sustainability, reduces costs for the client and is almost always a wonderful way to remember family members who have loved and worn the jewels in the past. We can’t reuse everything, if stones are very small, irregular or just in poor condition, they aren’t suitable for remounting. But larger stones can be recut and/or repolished if necessary and this is particularly useful for softer gems like emerald.


This is a lovely story from one of my old clients for whom I created a pretty stunning engagement ring from four inherited rings, with very different diamonds and some irregular shapes and sizes. It’s a ring which she and her fiancé would never have otherwise been able to afford and which is now very special in so many ways:

'It was after I had tried on the hundred and second round cut, platinum, 4 carat bla bla bla mass produced ring, that I had a brain wave. I had inherited four diamond rings from both my Grandmothers and my Great-Aunt. They were old fashioned, yellow gold settings, lying in a box under my bed, but the diamonds were perfectly good. I had recently moved to Farnham and didn't know much of the area, but noticed Julie Peel, the Jewellers on the main street. I wandered in and met Julie, who showed me just what we could do with my inherited rings. The service was wonderful from start to finish. Julie was excited and enthusiastic about re-vamping my old rings into something special for my engagement. She drew up a series of designs with meticulous detail and was able to show me computer generated images of how the finished piece would look. Every detail was considered with the utmost professionalism. I have had so many compliments since, and when I tell people how it was made, some have even shed a few tears! My ring is not only beautifully designed, it also has such huge sentimental value, something that a shop-bought ring could never match. The trend of re-cycling is not a new one, but up-cycling old jewellery is definitely a trend worth following, and there is certainly no better place to start than with Julie!' Caroline Harris, Lisburn


'Julie helped me design an engagement ring and was brilliant start to finish … she was incredibly knowledgeable and patient and was able to guide me towards a design that I, and my now fiancée, love. She was more than willing to take an existing family ring and tastefully incorporate it into the new design to create a modern and beautiful ring. … I can't recommend Julie highly enough!' Sam W, via Tripadvisor

'Thanks Julie for remodelling my Mum’s jewellery into some beautiful pieces I and my daughter can actually wear and look AMAZING!! The experience of choosing from the designs you prepared through to the receipt of the finished items was great, and seeing the transformation was truly magical.

My daughter and I now have some beautiful jewellery that reminds us of my mum/grandma every time we wear it.' Jill W, via Facebook

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