High Street chains, jewellery quarters and high-end brands have substantial costs of capital for their investment in stock, advertising and premises. All of which, of course, you end up paying for.

Commission structures mean that sales staff are incentivised to sell you the stock which the shop wants to shift most, whether by price or age of inventory, irrespective of your needs. Our pricing is transparent so you can see exactly what you are paying for, we source the diamonds and gems to fit your priorities and we guarantee our prices.


Our main business is our Bespoke and Signature Design & Commissioning Services. Just as an architect would for your home, we use our experience, contacts and expertise to engage the best and most appropriate specialists for your commission. We then project-manage the whole process to completion. Whether you want a 0.5ct diamond or a 2.0ct diamond, our service is what you pay us for.

This novel approach means that we can pass on significant savings in production and materials costs to our clients, and we’ll match comparable competing UK-based bespoke quotations for production and materials costs. To offer double reassurance, should you decide to have your ring made elsewhere, we will supply a production CAD directly to your maker. This is our Trade Price Guarantee.


It’s very difficult to compare like with like when you are looking for your engagement ring, especially if you want something special and unique. Bespoke prices are not readily available from most jewellers. The reasons for this are understandable - it all depends on the detail and the final materials which can vary wildly.

So, to give you a point of comparison, we’ve done some research into the range of options most people consider. We looked at prices for a standard design with a good quality 1.0ct brilliant cut solitaire GIA certified diamond (or equivalent) set in platinum. Do bear in mind that these are not special or unusual designs, whereas our price is the total cost of our Bespoke Service with an equivalent ring specification.


‘Having viewed Julie's fabulous engagement rings, I had absolutely no qualms about recommending her to my friend who was about to propose. I was not let down. The feedback I received from my friend was brilliant. Julie's service was very personal and efficient. As with most men, my friend had left choosing the ring until the last minute and although Julie designs and creates bespoke rings, she managed to complete it within the tight time schedule. She also saved him thousands of pounds as he had been looking at a ring in T…y. The ring Julie created for him was better quality, ethically sourced and completely original.

I would recommend this service to any man but especially men that have a budget and need lots of help choosing an engagement ring.' Frances C, via Linked In

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