I am always conscious of the fact that whatever it is, my client always has a budget. One of the Big Questions for most men buying an engagement ring is ‘How much should I spend?’ Whenever I am asked this question, my answer is always the same – spend only what you are comfortable with.

A key message for all my clients is to set your own parameters - there are no rules, in spite of what you might be told. You should spend only what you are comfortable with. But DO set your expectations realistically – there are ways to design around budgets, but we are not magicians.

Your ring has to fit your values as well as your bank balance. It is something which will last forever, so it is probably worth going for quality over quantity, and recognising that you can’t buy a Ferrari for the price of a VW Golf. Be honest with yourself and realistic about what is possible. If your budget is limited and she wants a humungous rock then it might have to wait a while, or we find a more creative solution - like an alternative to diamond - see the example below and Peter's Story.


Here are some examples of the ways we can fulfil different budgets and priorities with the same design. This same matching pair of engagement and wedding rings can be made within budgets ranging from £2500 to £8500 and more.

Example Wedding Set - a matching pair of Engagement Ring and Wedding Band

Specification: Centre stone - antique cushion cut; Halo and bands - diamond melee 1.0mm brilliants.

NB. All of these examples can be made for a total cost less than the Client’s budget in each case.


Peter knew just what sort of ring his girlfriend wanted. He wanted her to have that ring, but he did not have the budget to pay for it, and the plan was that they would be getting married just a few months after he proposed. He could see a lot of expense down the line, but he also wanted her to have the best he could afford. For them this meant that it was going to be platinum and diamonds all the way.

Being a practical man, together we came up with a great solution he was happy to go with: I designed exactly the ring she wanted, including a big diamond surrounded by smaller stones, we made the ring in platinum with all the little diamonds in the halo and down the shank – but the wheeze was we put a large cubic zirconium (fake diamond) in the middle.

This was all done in secret. When he proposed she was bowled over and loved the ring. He did tell her what he had done, and that the plan was to buy the large centre diamond on their first wedding anniversary, when he had saved up enough to pay for that too. She was thrilled and thought that was a great way to do it; they didn’t tell anyone else, and no-one knew or guessed.

So everyone was really happy. She got the ring she wanted, he could afford to pay for it, her mum was super impressed and no-one was any the wiser.

(In this case I’ve changed the client’s name to protect their identity for obvious reasons)


'Julie did a brilliant job helping me turn my ideas and budget into the most beautiful engagement ring I could hope for. She made the process of picking a diamond and customising the design of the ring very easy and also genuinely interesting! …. We're really pleased with all of the rings and the service we received, we felt involved and informed throughout. Thank you Julie!' Kieren N-P, via Facebook

'Julie was really helpful and informative when designing our engagement ring. She was able to accommodate our budget and also achieve a beautiful looking ring. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend her and are thrilled with the finished result….' Lewis O, via Google

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